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The Web Components button has new Video Descriptions and Video Training about the Components that go into making your website

    Overview - Video Description
    Overview Administration Video Training
    Overview - Text Description

    Calendar Component - Video Description
    Calendar Component - Video Admin Training
    Calendar Display 1

Photo Galleries

    Photo Gallery Video Description
    Photo Gallery Video Admin Training
    Photo Gallery - Text Description
    Display 1 Example
    Display 2 Example
    Display 3 Example
    Display 4 Example
    Display 5 Example (click on thumbnail then scroll photo)
    Photo Gallery Tips
Web Links

    Web Links Description / Example

You can add links to your site that will link your viewers to other websites.

In the admin area, you can Add/Edit each link by giving the link a Title, Description, and the URL the link will point to.

The link will be hyperlinked on your link page so your viewers can click it and be linked to the site easily.

Excel to HTML

    Excel Example
External Links

    External Link - Video Description
    External Link - Video Admin Training
    External Link - Text Description
    Driving Directions Example
Internal Links

    Internal Links - Video Description
    Internal Links - Video Admin Training
Links w/in Your Site

    Links Within Your Site - Video Description
    Links Within Your Site - Video Admin Training
    Links Within Your Site - Text Description
PowerPoint to HTML

    Power Point Example
Web Files
MWS Component for Professional and Ecommerce Package Clients.
Web Forms

    Web Form Example
Word to HTML

    Word to HTML Video Description
    Word to HTML Description
    Word to HTML Example

    Ecommerce Video Description
Ecommerce Web Form

More Features

    Password Protection Video Description
    Password Protection Video Admin Training
    Password Protection (text version)
    Sub Categories
    Detailed Step By Step (PDF Manual)

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