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The Web Components button has new Video Descriptions and Video Training about the Components that go into making your website


Website Components Overview

Getting Started


Here we give a description and live examples of each of the components that you can use to add content to your website.


The key to utilizing our website technology and to maximize your website’s potential is to understand the functionality of the individual components that are included in your website packages.  Remember, you have unlimited use of the components so you have several options for navigating your client though your website content.


To Add Information to Your Website there is a Four Step Process


1.  Buttons

2.  Categories

3.  Components

4.  Your web content


1.  Buttons


Adding and Naming your button is the first step.  Your button name is the most general area of your website that leads to additional related categories or simply the information you would like to place under that button name.


Button Name examples:



About Us






2.  Categories  (pop outs)


Next step is to add Categories under your button. Simply, click on the "Click Here to Add a New Category" link where you will name your Category.  You can have multiple categories under each button.


Category Examples:


Button Name “About Us”

Category Name 1    “Company History”

Category Name 2    “Our Staff”



3.  Components


Once you have named your Category, you will then select the Component that will display your information in the best format for ease of viewing on the website and for ease administration on your part.


Component  Examples:


Button Name “About Us”

Category Name 1    “Company History”  - Component – “Word to HTML”

Category Name 2    “Our Staff” – Component  - “Photo Gallery”



4.  Your Web Content


Once you have selected your Component, the final step is to add your web content. Depending on the component chosen, you will simply type in your content and then Submit the information or you will browse the content on your computer (Word, Excel, or jpg image for example) and then Submit the information. Your information will immediately appear on the webpage.


Adding Content   Examples:


Button Name “About Us”

Category Name 1    “Company History”  - Component – “Word to HTML” – Browse and Submit the Word document you created on your PC

Category Name 2    “Our Staff” – Component  - “Photo Gallery” – Browse and Submit the .jpg image from your PC.





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