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Web Files
MWS Component for Professional and Ecommerce Package Clients.




What Are Web Files?

The Web Files component is used to load files (Word docs, Excel doc, PDFs etc) that you do not want seen directly on your website. You will link to these pages from existing areas of your website.

The Web File component allows you to upload a file that you can link to from anywhere on your site with the URL that is generated for you.

You can use the Hyperlinks in your Word documents, External Link component, HREF links or the Web Link component to get to the information on your Web File.

NOTE: The document file loaded in the Web File component will not show up on your webpage until you link to it from elsewhere in your website.

The Web File is an excellent way to keep your website from becoming cluttered. Since you are hiding and linking to pages, you reduce the amount of pages on your site while increasing the amount of information.

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