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The Web Components button has new Video Descriptions and Video Training about the Components that go into making your website



Sub Categories - Look Before You Leap



Feature on all Packages



Sub Category Examples

Breakdown Your Button / Category Information

1. Scroll over the button -"Web Components" / Calendar category to see the Sub Categories.

2. Scroll over the button -"Web Components" / Photo Galleries category to see the Sub Categories.

Click Here to View Example

Breakdown Your Products for On Line Sales

Here, categories are broken down into sub categories by product type from the Button /Category.

Scroll over Video / Satellite Distribution to see the Sub Categories

Click Here to View Example


Sub Categories allow you to further break down information for each Button / Category

This Feature is a little tricky to understand at first, but once you get the hang of it - Great Results!

Sub Categories allow you to utilize multiple components to your Button/Category so that you can provide more information using in different components.

Sub Categories - Instructions

1. Add a New Button
2. Name Your Category ( This category is the "bridge" to the sub categories)
3. Select "Create a Sub-Category" ( instead of a component )
4. Give Your Sub Category a Title Name
5. Select a Content Module for Your sub - Category
6. Add Your Web Content
7. Hit Back to Previous Menu
8. Click "Add a Category"
9. Repeat steps 4-6


Remember: You can not add a Sub Category to an existing Category. You have to start from the "Add A Button” step.

Therefore, make sure you know how you want to use your Categories and Sub Categories before adding information to your website.





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