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January 27, 2008

My Web Stand Newsletter

For Clients, Licensees and Resellers


Here are some Photo Gallery Tips

Photo Gallery Tips - For All Website Packages -

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Photo Gallery Tips - Photo by Nicholas Koon Photography

Our Photo Galleries allow you to load your own digital or scanned JPG photos without any manual manipulation of the photo.

You can give each photo a title and a detailed description.

You can also create a link to a Word document that can explain even more about your photo.

1. You can use the Manual Sort feature under the Options drop down menu in order to place the photos in any order you please.

Click Options / Manual Sort in the admin area of the photos you want to arrange in order.

2. You can control the number of photos shown on the photo gallery page.

Click the Options / Gallery Options / Photos Per Page and choose the number of photos to display.

3. We now have five Gallery Display options.

Click the Options / Gallery Options / Display Options and choose the Display you would like for your photos. Please contact us if you have any troubles with the Photo Gallery Display no. 3

Remember the display you choose will be the same for all the different photo gallery components on your website.

Photo Gallery Display 3 Example


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