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Most Versatile Component of them All !!!



Component on all Packages except Starter



Sample Word to HTML Documents

Use Existing HTML from Emails or other Websites

1. Simply copy the HTML web content from an HTML email or from a web page and paste that information on a blank Word document

2. Browse and load the Word document to your website and you have a nice looking web page.

Click Here to View a Web page created from an HTML email

Use the Table Feature in Word to Maintain Control

1. Use the Table feature in Word to layout your Word documents. The table cells will keep text aligned for you and allow you to insert jpgs, gifs or animated gif files and keep those images from floating around your website page.

2. Hide the Table Gridlines after you have your desired web page layout in Word

Click Here to View Example

Or, Just Use Plain Text

Loading an existing Word document to create a text only web page is as simple and functional as it gets.

You control the web content and images as needed

Click Here to View a Simple "About Us" Word document



The Word to HTML component allows you to create web pages out of Word documents in your computer system.

This is our most powerful and versatile component because it allows you to create, control and update your web pages in a non technical manner!

Our system converts the Word document to HTML to create the web page visible on your site. No knowledge of traditional web development software such as Dreamweaver or Front Page required.

For businesses and organizations that create flyers, remember to create the flyer in Word as well so that you can quickly create a web page on your website to further publicize your event.

Click Here to See and Example Word to HTML Page  


Remember: (All Packages ) You can browse and load your Word documents into the events area of your calendar to further describe the event.

You can also load a Word document into a photo in your photo gallery component to describe the photo in more detail.

Your Word document will be loaded to the server and is accessed by the "Link Title" you write.





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