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Photo Galleries


The photo gallery is a great and easy way to present photos on your site.

You add photos to your photo gallery component by browsing for the jpg image photo on your PC. You can then add a caption and description to the image by filling out the appropriate fields.


Additional options will appear once you've added the image. You can  further describe the image either by loading a Word document that links below the image , adding a sound clip or PDF file.


There are four photo display options in our system for you to choose from. Select the option that best displays the type of photos you are showing on line. You can also select how many photos per page you want to display.  Please note, that the photo gallery is “Global”. This means that the photo gallery display option you choose in the admin area will appear in all the photo galleries you have in your website. (you can not mix photo gallery displays).

Important:  Your image file must be in jpg format and below 1 Mb in size  in order to be uploaded successfully. You can convert these images to jpg's using a basic image program such as paint.

Contact: Alan Armijo


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