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Links Within Your Site Component



Component on all Professional and E-commerce Packages



Sample Uses

Bring Resource Websites Into Your Site

Bring in the exact website page from another website that can act as a resource or has information pertinent to your business.

Visitors surf the resource website without ever leaving your website.

Click Here to View an Example

Websites that have information about you

Bring in the web page from another website if that site has information about your company.

An example would be an On Line news article about your company.

Click Here for An Example

Registration Forms

Bring in the registration or shopping cart from another website if that website is capable or needs to handle the registration and payments for an event.

Registration / Payment Example


Are you taking advantage of this Powerful My Web Stand website component?

"Links Within Your Site" Component

This link lets you embed another website into your own. Therefore, viewers can surf another website such as your affiliates or related informational websites without leaving your site.

Examples for using this component:

Link into your website other websites you can use as:

  • Resource websites for Information
  • Partner or Affiliate Websites
  • News websites
  • Websites that have information about you

Click Here for Example - News Website






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