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Who Should License or Resell Our Website Technology

 Our System Technical Specifications

  • Secure .NET, Java SQL Database systems provide you with all the capacity needed to host updateable websites.
  • DS/3 circuits
  • Network protected by firewalls, VPN
  • Load Balancing
  • Site monitoring every five minutes
  • We pass our SSL savings on to our customers
  • No software to download
  • We are constantly adding new website features and website styles and layouts
  • Internal Billing system to manage client billing and account status.
  • Websites can be maintained and administered  in English and Spanish

Tech Talk

We are available to answer your support questions by email.

We can help you with both technical and functional questions about My Web Stand web pages.

If you need help over the phone, please call Alan at 562-987-2841 or email me at or

We will respond to your questions as fast as possible.


Contact: Alan Armijo


Tel: 562-987-2841
Fax: 775-806-8445